Reason curvy women can give more sexy pleasure

If I would say erotic curvy women can give more pleasure to men compared their sexy skinny counterparts, then most of the men would have an agreement with this opinion. As I said most of the Hot blonde cyrvy womenmen that also means some men would not have any agreement with this opinion. I totally respect their opinion, but I do have my point of view as well. So, further ahead in this article, I am sharing some of the reasons that can explain why erotic curvy women could give more sexy fun to all the men in every way.

Bigger boobs

This is a common belief that women with bigger assets can give more pleasure to men in bed. A curvy lady would have bigger boobs and hips that would give more pleasure to men. Also, a bigger asset of a woman give her more attractive look and men get fun just by watching erotic and sexy curvy women. So, if we say erotic curvy women get bigger assets that make them look sexy and erotic to all the men, then it wouldn’t be a lie. Also, men get pleasure watching the bigger boobs and hips of a curvy woman and that should explain my point of view to you.

More cushion

Indeed, this is another thing that is associated with the physical relationship, but I must include this point in this list. When you get involved in sex with curvy women, then you would have more cushion under you and you would certainly have pleasure in that intimate relationship. If a man is having pleasure with a woman, then she would defiantly look sexy and erotic to that man. Hence, while talking about the reasons because of which men do consider curvy women as sexy and erotic, then this cushioning feeling definitely makes a spot in that list and I bet you will not have any denial for this opinion.

Open minded

If you think men get more pleasure with curvy women just because of their sexy look or cushioned feeling, then let me correct you there. Indeed, those are the most amazing qualities of an erotic and sexy woman, but along with that, they are quite open minded as well. They do enjoy doing new things and that makes them a great companion and partner for all the men. Without any doubt, these guys do enjoy great pleasure with them. I wonder if you would spend your time with sexy and curvy women that are open minded, then you would also feel that pleasure and you will have an agreement with that.

Other than this if you want to cuddle whit some sexy and erotic women, then you would prefer busty one instead of skinny ladies. If you would choose skinny, one you may not get the pleasure, but if you choose busty one, you would have defiantly great pleasure and that is one more point that proves my point. Just like these things, there are plenty of other things as well that would prove my point of view to you.

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